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Anyone Gardening Yet?

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Has anyone started gardening yet? While it's far too cold to plant outside here (it's still snowing!) we've been busy starting a lot of seeds indoors.

Today we planted another 800 tomato plants and that used up the last of the space under our light sets. Looks like we'll have to open the greenhouse later in the week.

We are trying out one new variety of tomato this year called Small Orange Stripe. It looks very pretty and is supposed to produce well.

What are your favourite tomato varieties to grow?


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On 3/12/2018 at 6:32 PM, Kim said:

Has anyone started gardening yet?

I wish we could! We can't really start gardening until May. We can start seeds but I haven't done it since we may move. Now all the concentration is going to homeschool, quilts and getting the house ready. 


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